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Bluebird Meadows CBD Oil & Flower

Bluebird Meadows CBD Oil & Flower Bluebird Meadows CBD Oil & Flower Bluebird Meadows CBD Oil & Flower

About Us


  • Family-Owned Hemp Farm
  • Established in 2018
  • Tennessee License #KKIE-B6VS47

Bluebird Meadows TN Hemp Farm strives to practice enviromentally conscious and sustainable growing choices while producing and providing Full Spectrum High CBD Hemp Flower products of the highest quality. Our hemp flowers are personally curated and trimmed by hand.

Our goal is to provide exceptional high CBD Hemp Flower Products and allowing our customers to Know their Grow.

Hemp (which is in the cannabis family) can be grown for CBD (cannabidiol) as well as many other lesser know cannabinoids. Unlike cannabis plants potent with THC, high CBD Hemp has zero psychoactive effects. All our CBD products are lab tested and have QR codes to reassure our customers about the integrity of what we bring to market.



Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Is Hemp legal?

CBD HEMP IS LEGAL. Bluebird Meadows TN Hemp Farm does not sell any illegal products. We  grow and supply quality products made from industrial hemp grown in accordance with state and federal laws. The passing of the 2018 Farm bill propelled hemp in to main stream commerce by establishing hemp as a  federally legal commodity.

What is CBD?

CBD Hemp simplified: Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It  is one of 113 identified cannabinoids and makes up about 40% of the  plants extract. CBD affects receptors in the bodies endocannabinoid  system.

How to take CBD?

CBD Hemp can be taken in many ways, such as topicals (applied and absorbed into the skin ) oils and tinctures.

Will CBD help me?

Due to the FDA stance on CBD we cannot make medical claims as to what CBD Hemp can do for you. There are numerous testimonials sharing what CBD has done for customers and how it has benefited them in their lives. There is also plenty of information available online as to what benefits are associated with CBD.

Are your products full spectrum?

Absolutely, our CBD Hemp products have no additives or fillers and are made using quality hemp flower grown on our farm and all natural carrier oils and ingredients. You get the benefits of all the cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant including all the natural occurring terpenes.

Do you use pesticides & are your products tested by a third party?

We do NOT use pesticides in the growing process of our CBD hemp plants. We use beneficial insects and pest deterring companion plants to keep our hemp plants happy, healthy and pest free.  Although the Lady Bugs were our enemy when we moved into our "cabin in the woods" we have come to see them as friendlier creatures now ;) 

Our plants are tested and approved by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture prior to harvest. After harvest, our locally grown products are sent out to be tested by a private third party laboratory  specializing in hemp and cannabis testing. All of our Full Spectrum products are made using the flower grown here at Bluebird Meadows TN Hemp Farm. See our grow at 

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